Abby (ceilingtile) wrote in renaissancekids,

Found: Maroon Leotard

Is anyone missing a maroon size child XL leotard? I found it on Thursday around noon in the bathroom in the auditorium lobby. I would return it to the RSA office, but no one is there anymore, and I fail to trust the West Lost and Found.

It fits me perfectly so I wouldn't mind keeping it, but my conscience requires that I try to return it to its owner before claiming it.
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man, i'm always forgetting my leotards everywhere... haha, sorry couldn't help it abby.
Sorry, you have to provide DNA evidence in order for me to believe you on this one. ^_^
what? i don't believe it....! you don't think i own a messload of leotards that i can never remember to bring home! i'm apauled... haha :)
It's a pretty awesome leotard, though, honestly. Not giving it up without a fight. Most leotards are the most unflattering things ever designed to be worn by the human body - and people wonder why dancers become anorexic!

How was your adv bio final?